Where Vultures Land


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Released 04 April 2012
• Recorded, mixed and mastered by Serge Spiga
• Cover pic by Mark Maggiori
• Design by Thierry Tonnes ~ thierrytonnes.com
• 12"EP limited to 500 copies (SOLD OUT)
• Co-release Throatruiner Records & I For Us


released April 4, 2012


all rights reserved



ELIZABETH Genève, Switzerland

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Track Name: Darkness
I've seen the darkness in the hearts of lonely braves
And those who wait for the voice to call their names
I feel the same as when the city sound surrounds my head
there's nothing left inside these empty hands

I built this cage from the outside, you're looking in
My bones can't carry the weight I'm stuck in this wreckage
And I see the light slowly disappear in a strangers eyes
How long can you hold inside your darkest side

Oblivion never felt so close. I'm sinkin' in.

I'll be the darkness, I'll be the rain
I'll be the darkness, in your head
Track Name: The Call
You won’t find me
Where I’m supposed to be
There’s no more place like home
There’s nowhere I belong
I wrote it down
Tales of a tortured mind
It's buried deep inside
I'll leave it all behind

Burn the pain

Your last words are stuck in my head
And the tears on her face could have filled up the lake
Did I miss the call ?
Did you know I will miss you so ?

This is not the end
Let's celebrate
Nothing will ever tear us apart again
Track Name: Sharp Teeth & Knives
Hold fears
Keep them alive
Hold fears
Make them real

It's on the headlines
A new threat has taken over
Reflecting lies
We've been sold out
Here's the answer

Keep fear alive

A new design
Sharp teeth and knives
A million blades reach the sky
Swallow the light

Smoke fills the air
Electric sky
It's just a matter of time
Do you hear the sound?

The war is on
Track Name: Sailor's grave
And here we are
As when we were
We're still feeling sick
We're still feeling scared

We can't help but sink as we swim to the shore

We've got in our heart
The fire to hold on
So we're reaching the oar
But the storm is too strong

We can't help but sink as we swim to the shore

Now the last thing we have
Is this deep thought of you
That can't take us back
On the bank next to you

I'm coming home
Wait for me, Lisbeth
Track Name: Candles
There's nothing bright here but emptiness
This rotten apple made me sick

Take me home

These burning candles as only light
Did burn my fingers so many times
I'm losing myself, I'm jaded
But I'm not done yet
This place is full of lovers
I need a fix

I'm paying the price with agony
I buried my pride down by the sea

I wrote your name with tears and blood
I smashed the wall and cracked my skull
I wish I had your strenght, I swear I tried
I feel like shit tonight, nowhere to hide

I'm paying the price with agony
I buried my pride down by the sea

Take me home
Track Name: Black Eyed
You let me down once again
This time the bullet has reached my brain
You'll have to clean out before the sunrise
You hold the matches it's up to you now

Your time is done here
You did what you do best
You stand in the darkness
Prepare your next parade

You took my burden away

By the road through the graveyard
She comes back in town

Her hands still soiled by blood
They start the sirens sound
I hope you get the message
Written in the dirt
She'll appear like a black eyed angel
You'll turn to dust

You took my burden away

I burn and pretend to fight it
It's in my head
You set fire
You fucked up my world
Track Name: Heartbeats
I was born surrounded by fear
I've lost everything
I'm a walking routine
I won't win
I was born with venom in veins
A kind of lethal injection
I've been told a hundred times
Love won't last

Bleed it out

I was born surrounded by hate
Lost hope and despair
I was fighting my fate
Trapped in hands
I was born with poison in head
A dark vision a sorrow
I've been told a hundred times
Love won't last

Broken heartbeats

I needed you to be the light
At the darkest of night
I'm walking along the dark path
No love can save me

Bleed it out
Escape before falling
Bleed it out

Broken heartbeats
Track Name: Rising Kingdom
Brothers! Don't let them tear you down
Our time has come

The last river is poisoned
We left the golden age
They paint the world in grey


We never felt so lonely
The walls are closing in
We left the kingdom burning

You swapped your heart for a black stone
You sold your mind for a fucking crown
You left your future to the vultures
And now you watch yourself rising above

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